Google defines utilities as: The state of being useful, profit-able, or beneficial

Price: Free


This app is unique because it gives a special flash browsing experiencing for iOS devices. This is technically supposed to to be used as a education app for students using the iPad for flash content. It works well with 1channel and putlocker, is good for viewing flash videos ( if the site is supported)and supports full screen mode(video and browser). I recommend you have the direct link for the site you want to view(pop ups might prevent you from watching it)


Price: Free


I work at home and When google docs just cant do the job(iOS can’t upload docs) I have to use my pc. When I have multiple documents that need approval I usually end up closing the doc without saving, and other times I just wanna play angry birds!! DisplayLink is unique because it not only supports windows xp pc’s, that’s all it supports!! I love this app and use it daily.



Link:Wifi Send Free

I use this app daily especially considering some of my most important keys are missing. WiFI Send is an application that allows you to use you i/pad/phone/pod(touch) as a wireless keyboard. Now I know there are allot of keyboard and mouse apps out there but this one runs the most swiftly and is just nice to look like, this also supports windows xp and portrait mode so if your a fast texter why not be a fast typer?


Price: 2.99

Link: AcePlayer

Long Review Short: This is a beautiful application that allows you to play any, and I mean any video format you throw at it.

Long Review: Ok this was one of the very first apps I got when I received my iPad(but it works equally well with iPhone and iPod touch) and I don’t think it gets the hype it so rightly deserves. For the first couple of days I converted the videos into the iOS format, which would take hours. I then thought because it was such a superior device it would “have an app for that” which it did. At first I thought it was flex:player that would get me out of my converting slump, and it did for a while but I added 40 videos and it would constantly crash and it got to the point where I just deleted the entire thing. Then I came across ace player lite (I would have reviewed that app instead of this as it has all of the pro version but with the recent update it’s made it not worth having). But I threw every video format I could think of at and………..IT WORKED. And apparently it has allot of other features to it but I just use it to play videos. AND it can transfer the videos wirelessly from pc to I device.


Price: Free

Link: Talkatone

Photon Flash Player Browser for iPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store

Price: 4.99

Link: Photon

Ok when you first get your iOS device you might notice one thing…there’s no flash! You might just jump to the first flash app you see on the app store. There’s one simple statement about this app that one could make:” DONT GET IT, IT’S NICE TO HAVE FLASH ON YOUR iDEVICE BUT THIS ONE IS CLUNKY SLOW STREAMED AND OVERALL STUPID incapable of displaying the iPads(or iDevices) full potentioal. Now iSwifter or Rover would be the most suitable app for the iDevice. iSwifter is the same price as photon and you get a 7 day free trial. Plus the browser supports fullscreen as well as the video. Rover is made by the same people but is intended for students using the iPad for educational flash content(and it’s free). But it works good with some popular supported sites: 1channel, putlocker, and southpark studios. On a related note this is good for people that are just saying to themselves “How do I get putlocker or 1channel on my ipad”. On another related note I would like to say that it’s best to pull up the video link in safari and copy and paste the URL into photon or rover as pop ups might prevent you from watching them.



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