Google defines productivity as: “The quality of beng productive or having the power to reduce”.

Price: 1.99

Link: Penultimate


Penultimate is a handy application used for taking quick notes. It has an easy to use interface and is just nice. It’s like the paid version of bamboo paper where theres unlimited notebook and different paper themes to choose from (exempt for writing paper you have to purchase the additional papers)

  • Penultimate is quick and easy to access and edit
  • No additional features such as voice record or text add on(can be viewed as a pro or con
  • Penultimate has multiple color’s to choose from.
  • Penultimate has the “open page in” ability and can back up pages to Dropbox and Evernote

  • 20120510-052330.jpg


    Price: 0.99(Temporarily)

    Link: Notability

    Notability is a nice application that allows users to create PDFs, sign PDFs, be crazy and fun and professional at an inexpensive price.

    • This app allows you to create models and insert them into the PDF file
    • Has an “open in feature, so you can export the file to any app that reads PDF file
    • Has free form zoom hand writing for precise dictation
    • Includes a “audio recorder”
    • Has an inexpensive price



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