Monopoly for iPad


Link: Monopoly

Monopoly has gone mobile! There have been many diverse reviews regarding this game. For us iPad 1&2 users, the recent update has left us with mixed feelings. The former size of this game was less than 100 megabytes. For the retina feature on the iPad 3 this game was updated and is now a whomping 256. Or so the description says. The actual size of this app is a gargantuan 936 megabytes(almost a gig), and the thing is…for us iPad 1&2 users there’s no real change. And Although the “updated” graphics aren’t really noticeable, a game like monopoly isn’t meant to have appealing graphics anyway. And your’e bombarded with ads on your first opening(common with EA games). And if a game takes up 1/16 of my iPad space, it isn’t worth having. The new image of the game has been optimized for the iPad 3 but like the insurance commercials say: “We know that new friends aren’t better than old friends.”

  • For iPad 3 users there’s an editable interface
  • 7 icons to choose from including : Battleship, Top hat, Iron, Race Car, Shoe, Thimble, Dog, and the new Prius
  • Monopoly for iPad has 5 different 3d environments
  • Monopoly for iPad has Tabletop mode so you wont have to pass your iPad around getting everyone’s grubby hands on it



taposé – collaborative content creation


Price: 2.99

Link: Taposé

Taposé is a productive app that allows users to create pages and edit notes. With Taposé you can watch videos while working on an important project.

Read More… for iPhone/IPad

Price: 4.99 is an application that allows users to watch or broadcast their favorite shows where thousands can view/join in. This app has a special place in my little black book. This app has saved millions of lives, by saving them from boredom. JTV has gone mobile. With JTV you can watch favorites such as south park, family guy, the office, dragon ball z, and hundreds more withought an annual fee. You may not be ale to watch tv directly on iOS devices(yet) but this may be the closest you can get.

  • JTV has hundreds of channels to choose from
  • Seeing as JTV for iPhone is the only functional JTV app for iPad the screen is a magnified which might cause loss in quality for some users
  • JTV is often updated as developers work hard to make this app better(unlike the iPad version)
  • JTV is handy, functional, and overall extraordinary

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    Photon Flash Player Browser for iPad on the iTunes App Store


    Price: 4.99

    Link: Photon

    Ok when you first get your iOS device you might notice one thing…there’s no flash! You might just jump to the first flash app you see on the app store. There’s one simple statement about this app that one could make:” DONT GET IT, IT’S NICE TO HAVE FLASH ON YOUR iDEVICE BUT THIS ONE IS CLUNKY, SLOW STREAMED AND OVERALL STUPID incapable of displaying the iPads(or iDevices) full potential.

    Now iSwifter or Rover would be the most suitable app for any iDevice. iSwifter is the same price as photon and you get a 7 day free trial. Plus the browser supports fullscreen as well as the video. Rover is made by the same people but is intended for students using the iPad for educational flash content(and it’s free). But it works good with some popular supported sites: 1channel, putlocker, and southpark studios. On a related note this is good for people that are just saying to themselves “How do I get putlocker or 1channel on my ipad”. On another related note I would like to say that it’s best to pull up the video link in safari and copy and paste the URL into photon or rover as pop ups might prevent you from watching them.


    MARVEL VS. CAPCOM for iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPad 1,2,3

    Marvel vs. Capcom 2

    Price: 4.99

    Link: MVC2

    This game brings back so many memories. I play this game on my iPad nearly everyday. It’s just like capcom vs snk 2. The controls are a little clunky. But what it lacks in controls in more than makes up for in fun, and character variety. Classic favorites like morrigan, storm,gambit, spider man,Ryun, chunli and about 28 others! I would recommend this app to anyone…and get it!

  • This Game is fun and brings back allot of memories
  • Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Has a wide variety characters
  • Although mvc2 doesn’t come with a manual it’s easy to pick up after some practice
  • Mvc2 on ios has beautifully restored graphics and customizable controls
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    sayhi translate: use your voice to speak a new language like a pro

    Price: 0.99(temporarily)

    Link: SayHi Translate

    SayHi Translate is the most easy, understandable, functional, precise translating app for ios devices. This app is useful for people in all foreign language classes who want to cheat on their homework, people that want to talk to their in laws, or people that just want to learn a foreign language. I would recommend this app to anyone. Like you I was hesitant about buying this app. But experience can be the best judge. I tested this app first hand on a school project and for the first time, I was not given a zero, I wasn’t warned that of I do it one more time I’d be kicked out. Instead I was the model student of the day as the teacher said things like “do what ******* did”, and “I just do it this way like ******* did”.

  • SayHi translate allows users to translate their voice (or text)into a another language
  • SayHi translate has a wide variety of language selections to choose from(over 30>;;;;
  • SayHi translate is easy to understand and easy to to use the only con is the inability to quickly switch languages

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    Notability – take notes & annotate pdfs with dropbox sync


    Price: 0.99(Temporarily)

    Link: Notability

    Notability is a nice application that allows users to create PDFs, sign PDFs, be crazy and fun and professional at an inexpensive price. Notability has allot of features that pages doesn’t , such as free from zoom, and a voice recorder for those notes that just can’t wait.

    • This app allows you to create models and insert them into the PDF file
    • Has an “open in feature, so you can export the file to any app that reads PDF file
    • Has free form zoom hand writing for precise dictation
    • Includes a “audio recorder”
    • Has an inexpensive price



    Price: 1.99

    Link: Penultimate


    Penultimate is a handy application used for taking quick notes. It has an easy to use interface and is just nice. It’s like the paid version of bamboo paper where theres unlimited notebook and different paper themes to choose from (exempt for writing paper you have to purchase the additional papers)

  • Penultimate is quick and easy to access and edit
  • No additional features such as voice record or text add on(can be viewed as a pro or con
  • Penultimate has multiple color’s to choose from.
  • Penultimate has the “open page in” ability and can back up pages to Dropbox and Evernote

  • 20120510-052330.jpg


    Price: Free

    Link: Talkatone

    This app is an oldie but a goodie. I use this app almost everyday. Talkatone is a free wifi phone that doesn’t need that much hype but still deserves it. This app is useful for people that are around phone hogs, or people that just want there own free phone. It would take all day to explain how useful this app is, so instead why not see it for yourself?

  • With the new update you can access voicemail
  • It can make free long distance calls
  • Talkatone is reliable over wifi or 3G
  • Talkatone has call history and call notifications

  • 20120510-061938.jpg


    Price: Free


    This app is unique because it gives a special flash browsing experiencing for iOS devices. This is technically supposed to to be used as a education app for students using the iPad for flash content. It works well with 1channel and putlocker, is good for viewing flash videos ( if the site is supported)and supports full screen mode(video and browser). I recommend you have the direct link for the site you want to view(pop ups might prevent you from watching it)