Google defines games as: A thing that is frivolous or amusing

Price: 6.99

Link: N.O.V.A. 3

Displayed Storage Size: 1.57 GB

Actual Storage Size: 1.9 GB

This game is the true definition of fun. It’s all the rave in the app store, currently ranking #7. It’s graphics are much similar and better to the Xbox 360’s Halo Waypoint. It’s like holding a Xbox 360 and ps3 in the palms of your hands. The controls are great, there are tons of unlock-ables and a variety of weapons. There are over 10 environments to play from and what they lack in quantity they more than make up for in quality. Now let’s get to the storage size. I had to delete at least 20% of my iPad data . There has to be at least 4 GB of free data available in order for the game to download, and for this app it only takes up a 3rd more space of its listing price. The wifi play is fun, finding a good balance between easy and challenging(aside from the common jet pack over user)). This has to be the only game I know that allows its players to have modes of transportation that the player can actually use! It’s one hit kill weapons like, the ray gun makes it funner than any other wifi shooting game out there(including modern combat 3). This game has surpassed allot of iOS gaming expectations and leaves even more wanting and expecting more. The price is expensive , but I couldn’t hold out any more. Although its a good game if I were in your shoes I would wait until independence day for the 99 finger app discount.


Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Price: 4.99

Link: MVC2

This game brings back so many memories. I play this game on my iPad nearly everyday. It’s just like capcom vs snk 2. The controls are a little clunky. But what it lacks in controls in more than makes up for in fun, and character variety. Classic favorites like morrigan, storm,gambit, spider man,Ryu, chunli and about 28 others! I would recommend this app to anyone…and get it!


Price:4.99 0.99(mothers day weekend)

Link: Monopoly

Monopoly has gone mobile! There have been many diverse reviews regarding this game. For us iPad 1&2 users, the recent update has left us with mixed feelings. The former size of this game was less than 100 megabytes. For the retina feature on the iPad 3 this game was updated and is now a whomping 256. Or so the description says. The actual size of this app is a gargantuan 936 megabytes(almost a gig), and the thing is…for us iPad 1&2 users there’s no real change. Like the insurance commercials say: ” We know that new friends aren’t better than old friends.

  • For iPad 3 users there’s a creditable interface
  • 7 icons to choose from including : Battleship, Top hat, Iron, Race Car, Shoe, Thimble, Dog, and the new Prius
  • Monopoly for iPad has 5 different 3d environments
  • Monopoly for iPad has Tabletop mode so you wont have to pass your iPad around getting everyone’s grubby hands on it
  • 20120512-200158.jpg

    Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies for iPad

    Price: 6.99

    Displayed Storage Size: 362MB

    Actual Storage Size: 806MB

    Link:Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

    Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

    Call of duty black ops zombies is a fun, interactive, game for iPhone and iPad. There really isn’t a story line to it, there’s a zombie breakout during nazi times. This game can be for huge horror fanatics, and for the somewhat squeamish. There are really no huge bosses(unless you consider hoards of zombies bosses).

  • COD offers 30 gun varieties including: Assault Rifles, Submachine guns, Shotguns, Light Machine Guns, Handguns, Explosives, and wonder weapons(ray gun, thunder gun, ext).
  • COD is intuitive yet challenging
  • COD: BOZ includes wifi for coupled killings all around the world
  • COD: BOZ has not so clear teamspeak for wifi use

  • 20120513-010202.jpg

    Price: 6.990.99(release of the new Harry Potter)

    Link: Batman

    Batman Arkham city lock down is a dual combat game much similar to infinity blade. To the kid that unbeknownst to games, he would think these were Xbox 360 graphics, because they look just like them. One thing the game does not clarify is that this isn’t a free roam or free movement game. The transitioning videos graphics have great detail much like the game.

  • To ultimate batman fans BACL would be ideal game as the animations are near to perfect
  • The Storage size might break the bank for low memory users. I myself had to delete 20%of my apps to install the game
  • BACL has cloud support. So you can just save your current game, delete it, download it back and continue playing as if nothing happened
  • 20120513-182314.jpg


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