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How to Watch on iPad

How to Watch on iPad

Advertisements for iPhone/IPad

Price: 4.99 is an application that allows users to watch or broadcast their favorite shows where thousands can view/join in. This app has a special place in my little black book. This app has saved millions of lives, by saving them from boredom. JTV has gone mobile. With JTV you can watch favorites such as south park, family guy, the office, dragon ball z, and hundreds more withought an annual fee. You may not be ale to watch tv directly on iOS devices(yet) but this may be the closest you can get.

  • JTV has hundreds of channels to choose from
  • Seeing as JTV for iPhone is the only functional JTV app for iPad the screen is a magnified which might cause loss in quality for some users
  • JTV is often updated as developers work hard to make this app better(unlike the iPad version)
  • JTV is handy, functional, and overall extraordinary

  • 20120510-064528.jpg

    Air Sketch Free

    Price: Free

    Link: Air Sketch Free
    This is considered a utility but I’m categorizing it as as an entertainment app. With the free version of this app you can project written messages or doodles via your web browser(all in black). With all of the reviews in the app store regarding this one you either love or hate it. It’s fun for charades when friends come over.

    *please note that although I have not purchased the upgraded version it’s all the rave in the app store, allowing you to dictate images and the function of the undo/redo button


    MediaBurner-Tube Video Downloader

    Price: Free

    Link: MediaBurner

    This application is unique. There are allot of apps where you can download YouTube videos, but this is the only one that can download embedded/copyrighted videos. This means that whenever your trying to download “someone like you” you won’t get your heart broken by seeing that embedded error message. Some might argue that you have to pay 2 dollars for upgraded features, but it’s really just giving you the option to save it to your camera roll. And even if you don’t pay, you can still download as many videos and songs to your hearts desires, you just have to watch them inside the app.


    My Sketch

    Price: 2.99

    Link:My Sketch App

    Ok I’ve been on the hunt for months for a real sketch app with beautiful details and I declare that My Sketch has officially ended the hunt. I tried this app first hand on one of my grandmothers pictures. And needless to say the responses were a little unexpected.


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