Google defines business as: “An activity that someone is engaged in.”

SayHi Translate: use your voice to speak a new language like a pro

Price: 0.99(temporarily)

Link: SayHi Translate

SayHi Translate is the most easy, understandable, functional, precise translating app for ios devices. This app is useful for people in all foreign language classes who want to cheat on their homework, people that want to talk to their in laws, want to learn a foreign language ext.


Steve Jobs changed the world when he invented the iPad. But one important key feature was
was left out; You can’t upload files! But google has invented an application where you can view and tore files…online. With good docs – google docs™ & html editor you can transfer your PDF file to google docs using the “open in” feature. This app doesn’t have much use besides having the ability to transfer already written PDF files to google docs. The app has everything the upgraded version does except it’s limited to 6 pages(but you can delete the files you’ve already uploaded).

Price: Free

Link: Google Docs



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