Order and Chaos online


The critically acclaimed order and chaos is currently only a dollar, no matter what I say you should get it now.

Displayed Size: 775MB

Actual Storage Size:831MB

Price: $6.99 $0.99

Link:Order and Chaos online

I don’t know about you but I’ve been waiting for this game to discount to 0.99 since I first got my iPad. Because seriously who’s willing to pay $6.99 for a game(except when it comes to N.O.V.A 3)


Now this game attempts to bring World of Warcraft to iPad and I have to say…it’s not doing a terrible job. Aside from the fact that you have to have an Internet connection to play it and almost takes a a GB it’s pretty fun. The graphics are much like World of Warcraft, meaning they’re kind of cartoonish but still fun. Unless you’re familiar with old time games like world of Warcraft and others then it might take you just a little while to get the hang of and to get into it. There are different types of classes:Mage(former favorite),monk(never bottered to try it), Warrior(tried but too clunky and complicated), and Ranger(new favorite). Viewers beware there are allot of games out there that extremely addictive but games like really are. I’ve had a few “the freak out kid” moments myself so just be careful. There are games like these that can define a generation

  • Hundreds of spells to choose from
  • Only $1 per month, unlike world of warcraft’s famous 4.99
  • Extremely addictive(good/bad)
  • Requires an Internet connection
  • over 500 Quests and Counting
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