Monopoly for iPad


Link: Monopoly

Monopoly has gone mobile! There have been many diverse reviews regarding this game. For us iPad 1&2 users, the recent update has left us with mixed feelings. The former size of this game was less than 100 megabytes. For the retina feature on the iPad 3 this game was updated and is now a whomping 256. Or so the description says. The actual size of this app is a gargantuan 936 megabytes(almost a gig), and the thing is…for us iPad 1&2 users there’s no real change. And Although the “updated” graphics aren’t really noticeable, a game like monopoly isn’t meant to have appealing graphics anyway. And your’e bombarded with ads on your first opening(common with EA games). And if a game takes up 1/16 of my iPad space, it isn’t worth having. The new image of the game has been optimized for the iPad 3 but like the insurance commercials say: “We know that new friends aren’t better than old friends.”

  • For iPad 3 users there’s an editable interface
  • 7 icons to choose from including : Battleship, Top hat, Iron, Race Car, Shoe, Thimble, Dog, and the new Prius
  • Monopoly for iPad has 5 different 3d environments
  • Monopoly for iPad has Tabletop mode so you wont have to pass your iPad around getting everyone’s grubby hands on it



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2 responses to “Monopoly for iPad”

  1. Ashok says :

    A great game to play with my children. But, like an idiot, I upgraded. And now 1 GB (of a 16 GB iPad) is Monopoly. And like an even bigger idiot, I hadn’t synced the previous version to iTunes!

    • appshostess says :

      You’re not an idiot, we all thought that some exiting “new” features we being brought with the new update. Thousands of people were wrong and I’m sure most of them got a refund(according to the reviews. But I’ve deleted it because although it’s convenient to have, there is allot more and allot better stuff out there to fill your iPad with. Now I’m just waiting for the here and now edition to be discounted to a dollar. Because I am never paying full price for a ipad game again.

      (I hear how I sound and yes im blowing it out of proportion)

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