taposé – collaborative content creation


Price: 2.99

Link: Taposé

Taposé is a productive app that allows users to create pages and edit notes. With Taposé you can watch videos while working on an important project.

Based on the pictures provided above this app seems perfect doesn’t it? I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone until allot of tweaks are made. Contact support is very poor. Apparently this application was released at an earlier date. The widgets went against apples terms and agreements so Taposè was removed from the app store for awhile until it could comply with the rules. It took awhile but it’s back. With the recent update allot of the good functional features were taken away along with the apps credibility. If you were to look on any of the reviews regarding the app you’ll see that clunky is a common term, and for this app I can’t say that they’re lying. But let’s get back to the app review:

  • Taposè gives users the ability to watch videos while drawing and doing collaborative work
  • Taposé can export to Dropbox and Evernote
  • Taposé has ore than 5 different papers to choose from
  • (huge plus) Taposé has the ability to export videos while inside the “notebook” and allows a 360 degree angle turn much like the built in photos app for iPad.
  • Taposé has sticky notes which is always a good thing
  • Taposé has a built in audio recorder
  • Now imagine all of those features in an app less than 30 mb(23.5 to be specific). The point is with all of these features built into one 30mb app the animations, the smoothness, and the zoom in features tend to be very “clunky”.


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