Photon Flash Player Browser for iPad on the iTunes App Store


Price: 4.99

Link: Photon

Ok when you first get your iOS device you might notice one thing…there’s no flash! You might just jump to the first flash app you see on the app store. There’s one simple statement about this app that one could make:” DONT GET IT, IT’S NICE TO HAVE FLASH ON YOUR iDEVICE BUT THIS ONE IS CLUNKY, SLOW STREAMED AND OVERALL STUPID incapable of displaying the iPads(or iDevices) full potential.

Now iSwifter or Rover would be the most suitable app for any iDevice. iSwifter is the same price as photon and you get a 7 day free trial. Plus the browser supports fullscreen as well as the video. Rover is made by the same people but is intended for students using the iPad for educational flash content(and it’s free). But it works good with some popular supported sites: 1channel, putlocker, and southpark studios. On a related note this is good for people that are just saying to themselves “How do I get putlocker or 1channel on my ipad”. On another related note I would like to say that it’s best to pull up the video link in safari and copy and paste the URL into photon or rover as pop ups might prevent you from watching them.



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