sayhi translate: use your voice to speak a new language like a pro

Price: 0.99(temporarily)

Link: SayHi Translate

SayHi Translate is the most easy, understandable, functional, precise translating app for ios devices. This app is useful for people in all foreign language classes who want to cheat on their homework, people that want to talk to their in laws, or people that just want to learn a foreign language. I would recommend this app to anyone. Like you I was hesitant about buying this app. But experience can be the best judge. I tested this app first hand on a school project and for the first time, I was not given a zero, I wasn’t warned that of I do it one more time I’d be kicked out. Instead I was the model student of the day as the teacher said things like “do what ******* did”, and “I just do it this way like ******* did”.

  • SayHi translate allows users to translate their voice (or text)into a another language
  • SayHi translate has a wide variety of language selections to choose from(over 30>;;;;
  • SayHi translate is easy to understand and easy to to use the only con is the inability to quickly switch languages

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