Price: 2.99

Link: AcePlayer

Long Review Short: This is a beautiful application that allows you to play any, and I mean any video format you throw at it.

Long Review: Ok this was one of the very first apps I got when I received my iPad(but it works equally well with iPhone and iPod touch) and I don’t think it gets the hype it so rightly deserves. For the first couple of days after I got my iPad I converted the videos into the iOS format, which would take hours. I then thought because it was such a superior device it would “have an app for that” which it did. At first I thought it was flex:player that would get me out of my converting slump, and it did for a while but I added 40 videos and it would constantly crash and it got to the point where I just deleted the entire thing. Then I came across ace player lite (I would have reviewed that app instead of this as it has all of the pro version but with the recent update it’s made it not worth having). But I threw every video format I could think of at it, and………..IT WORKED. And apparently it has allot of other features to it but I just use it to play videos. AND it can transfer the videos wirelessly from pc to your iDevice(the video may play at an intensely low quality if transferred over wifi, but it’s allot faster then syncing).

  • Aceplayer can turn the iPad into a wireless server allowing video, music, photo transferring from pc to to iPad all through your pc’s browser so no more (not so) long syncs between iPad and pc
  • Aceplayer can play literally any video format that’s thrown at it, so no more time consuming conversions.
  • Aceplayer supports up to 3 screen aspect ratios: 16:9, 4:3. 1:1(for landscape mode)
  • Aceplayer is often discounted and sometimes even free on special events.

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